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What to look for when buying a Concrete Pump.

So you’re thinking of buying a new concrete pump but you’re not sure where to start? There are a few things you need to decide on first, like what type of pump you need.

The different types of pumps available in the concrete pumping industry include:

  • Line Pump

  • Boom Pump

  • Stationary Pump

Size of Concrete Pumps.

You then need to know which size will be suitable for the type of work you will be doing. The size needs to suit your needs. Are you looking for a machine that is great for domestic jobs or for commercial work?

If you work on domestic sites, you need a machine that will pump 80 to 90 cubic metres per hour (m3/h), which is more than enough.

However, if you work on commercial sites, you need a much larger output. To handle these high volume concrete pours, you will be looking for a machine that is capable of pumping 120 plus m3/h.

So, once you know which pump you want and what type of work it will be used for, you have a few more decisions to make.

Quality and Price.

You want to make sure you buy a quality concrete pump. Concrete pumping machinery technology has come a long way since Adam was a boy, with advancements such as carbon fibre technology—which means your pump is much lighter on the road.

The majority of concrete pump manufacturers use the same quality and technology; therefore, brand names should not necessarily be crucial to your decision-making process. When choosing a good quality machine that will give you value for money, look at the price, sure, but also look at what after sales service and repairs you will receive, how you will obtain spare parts, and most importantly, what technical support you will receive for the life of your concrete pump.

The market is very competitive; therefore, research and compare the many brands available, the quality of the concrete pump, and the after sales support you will receive from your chosen supplier.

After Sales and Service Repairs.

You need to make sure you receive periodic, or as-required, maintenance and repairs completed on your equipment by its manufacturer or supplier, during and after a warranty period. Most importantly because the last thing you need when purchasing a concrete pump is to have no support or backup from your supplier when you need it most!

You also need the peace of mind to know that there is ready availability of spare parts. You want prompt service. Time is money!

Technical Support.

Look for a supplier that has field experience and provides fast and efficient technical support when needed. Ask your supplier as many questions as you need to support your decision to buy from them.


Most importantly, prior to purchasing concrete pumping equipment you should find out if the concrete pump you have chosen requires a permit to drive. If it does, you will need to apply to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, well in advance to avoid delays when registering your vehicle. This process can take a minimum of three weeks, so early registration is the key!

We wish you all the best in choosing your first or next concrete pump. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Equipcon.

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