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4 Key Steps to Maintaining your Boom Pumps.

At Equipcon, we see many different concrete pumps every day. There are pumps that enter our factory that have been kept in immaculate condition regardless of how old the pump is. Then there are others that look like they’ve been driven through a war zone and back again! Whilst there are inevitable breakdowns that can’t be avoided, there are a number of steps you could undertake to help keep your pump in tiptop condition.

1. Grease Your Boom Pump Keeping the joints and other moving parts of your booms well-greased will ensure that they all continue to move freely and smoothly, which will in turn avoid any unnecessary damage that may occur from excess friction.

If the boom isn’t greased regularly it can lead to metal on metal scraping causing damage to different parts of the pump. This is especially common in boom pumps. 2. Keep your Boom Pump Clean Concrete pumps commonly operate on dirty, dusty and often-busy work sites. This can leave your pump covered from head to toe in all sorts of dirt and grease. It is common practice for pump operators to wash out their hoppers and hoses at the end of the day; however, it could also be beneficial to make a habit of cleaning the outside of the pump (truck included).

Keeping your pump looking shiny and new is not only good for business; it has the potential to prevent damage to the pump.

3. Service and Maintain your Boom Pump Regularly One of the most important parts of keeping your pump in tip-top condition is making sure you keep your pump properly maintained by a qualified technician. Keeping your pump’s services up to date is the key to preventing further unforeseen damage in the future.

Furthermore, it is important that whenever a problem arises you seek advice from a professional immediately. We have had many jobs come in where the owner of the pump has opted for a ‘quick fix’, which has only led to further damage arising. Is it really worth it in the long run?

It is not always necessary to bring the pump to a technician straight away. However, a simple phone call could help prevent small problems from developing into bigger ones, so take the necessary steps early.

4. Conduct Visual Checks on your Boom Pump Daily

One of the simplest yet most effective techniques for keeping your pump well maintained is to conduct quick visual checks daily. Although this may be tiresome a quick visual inspection at the start of your day before you set up could save you time and money in the long run.

Surface cracks or bent boom arms can often be seen very easily by doing a quick visual inspection. Noticing these problems early gives you the opportunity to get them fixed early before they begin developing into something much larger.

While these 4 helpful tips are simple and straightforward, you actually need to do them in order to keep your boom in the best possible condition. Make a mental checklist of these 4 tips, or better still, print this article out and keep it in your cabin! A smoother running machine is as simple as changing your routine, so remember to include these 4 tips in your daily practice.

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