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CIFA Classic K36C
Model Unit K36C
Pump Unit Max. Theor. output m3/h 120/80
Max. Theor. concrete  Pressure Bar 70
Rated working pressure MPa 35
Pumping frequency min-1 24/15
Hopper capacity L 550
Filling height mm 1540
Hydraulic system type opened loop
Distribution valve S valve
Oil cylinder dia.×stroke mm φ130×2100
Concrete cylinder dia.×stroke mm φ230×2100
Hydraulic oil cooling Thermostatic fan
Recommended concrete slump cm 12~23
Max. aggregate dimension mm 40
Boom Section Structure type K36C
Max. vertical reach m 35.5
Max. horizontal distance m 31.1
Max. placing depth m 23.13
Slewing angle ±270°
Section numbers 5
The length of boom section mm 7700/5950/5950/5950/5950
Sections folding angle 90°/180°/230°/180°/250°
Pipe diameter mm 125
End hose length mm 3000
Min. height of opening placing boom   mm 8520
Outriggers span  (front×rear×side) mm 6030×5950×7300
Upper Structure Upper Structure Mass kg 25000
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 10740×2500×3886